Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Boys Are Back in Town

Hello, again. Well, well, well, what have we here? Is this a Pake Shlake Band post? I thought those schmoozers called it quits long ago. Well, we did. But we're coming back like Disco. That is to say, in leisure suits!

That's right, folks! The Pake Shlake Band has started it's own line of retro clothing. No, no. Let's try again.

That's right, folks! The Pake Shlake Band is back in business! And, like any business that's been closed for a while, we are changing things up a bit. Think of it as a restructuring. It's as if the PSB filed Chapter 7 in the blog world: Bankruptcy of Ideas. But now we are back and better than ever! Or at least the same as ever. But better! Definitely better!

"What's changed?" you may ask. We'll wait.

What's changed?

Ah! Great question! We are gonna try to soup things up a skosh. In other words, you will get more new cool stuff and less old uncool stuff. But don't worry, if you had your heart set on old uncool stuff, we'll still have some of that for you, too. What's that? You have some questions? Okay, we'll take a few questions. It will be like a press conference.

Q: Will you bring back Game Time?

A: We don't know. We do know that you should like us on Facebook, so that way you'll see any new things we post. You should also follow us on Twitter, if that is what you are wont to do.

Q: Are you even on Twitter?

A: Irrelevant! Next Question!

Q: Will you post every day like you used to?

A: We do not grant the premise of the question. We never posted every day.

Q: Yeah, but you did usually have a post every weekday.

A: That is not a question.

Q: Ugh, fine. How frequently do you anticipate having new posts?

A: We refer you back to the following us on Facebook comment. No more questions!

Ah, yes. A classic press conference in which no questions were really answered.

Anyway, as you see we at the Pake Shlake Band have gotten a second wind, so to speak. We've found our muse, we've regained our inspiration, whatever you want to call it. But, make no mistake: the boys are back in town. And we are now men. And it's more "on a website" than "in town." The men are back on the website. Not as catchy, but slightly more true.

So stay tuned for more fun to come. Or don't, see if we care.

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