Friday, December 7, 2007

Frosted Shlakes

Last week, we asked people to think of a good title for a movie involving aliens and their foreign diseases. Francis Ford wins for his title, "Allergic Reaction," although we feel like we should give a shout out to Sam as well for his tagline #3: "These aliens are nothing to sneeze at. But you will." Props to you both.

This week, Johnny contemplated the uniqueness of snowflakes. So, for this week's game, we want your opinion.

Why is it that no two snowflakes are exactly alike?

Here is our answer:
No two snowflakes are exactly alike because, if they were, they wouldn't be able to tell each other apart. And that would be embarassing for them: "Oh, I thought you were me." "No problem, I thought you were me." "You mean I'm not you?" "No." "Oh."

What's your explanation? Let us know.


  1. No two snowflakes are exactly alike because they do not have the SGP(Snowflake Genome Project), and therefore don't know enough to begin snowflake cloning. And that's not even touching on the ethical issues involved.

  2. If two snowflakes were exacly alike, it would be like they were identical twins. But there aren't any snowflake mommys so how can there be snowflake twins?

  3. snowflakes falling to earth are like women going to a party. do you think a woman would be caught wearing the same dress as someone else? no way.