Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Did you hear what I said?

You know the Christmas carol "Do you hear what I hear?" It's like a really bad game of telephone. Every time you tell someone something, the message gets confused. I feel bad for the shepherd boy. He tells the king that a child is shivering in the cold and we should give him gold and silver. Then he hears that the king is going to be addressing everyone, and he's like, "Alright the king is going to relay my message." He tells his friends and they all go to listen to the king, and he says, "A child sleeping in the night," and the shepherd boy is like, "Yep, here is where he's gonna ask for donations." And then the king says, "He will bring us goodness and light." The shepherd boy is like "What? I didn't say that at all! This king is crazy." Then he is arrested for treason.

Like I say, a REALLY bad game of telephone.


  1. Come on, man. If YOU were the king would YOU bring a baby silver and gold just because some shepherd boy said so? If I was king and a shepherd boy gave me that message I would say, "How the hell did this boy get into the throne room!"

  2. Then the wise men got the message really wrong when hey brought frankinsense and myrrh..."oh i thought you said death ointment"