Friday, August 22, 2008

National Anthem

Last week for Game Time, we asked you to name two people you would like to see compete in the newest Olympic event, The Three-Legged Race. You got to vote for the winner, and it was a tie. Half of you wanted to see Usain Bolt with a random partner, and the other half wanted to see Bob Costas and a rabid wolverine. But, since I don't think the IOC allows species other than Homo Sapiens to compete, we at the Pake Shlake Band have decided to break the tie and award the win to DJ. Congrats, partner!

As the XXIX Olympiad winds down, we have noticed that NBC plays the US National Anthem a lot, showing the medal ceremonies and whatnot. And while the Star Spangled Banner is an OK song, I think we as a nation can do better. Here is this week's game:

If you got to choose the national anthem, what song would you pick?

We wanted to choose a song that everyone knows. One that can be sung in preparation for war, or in celebration of victory. One that inspires hope in all of our diverse people. So, we choose Thriller by Michael Jackson. What could be better than a super smash song sung by an American that, if needed, comes with a choreographed war dance?

Think you know an answer to the rhetorical question from the last paragraph? Put our new national anthem in the comments.


  1. BrownchickenbrowncowAugust 22, 2008 at 8:03 AM

    this is perfect

  2. I think the new anthem has to be The Final Countdown by Europe. That will get you fired up for a sporting event or war. or for winning an olympic medal.

    Ok, so we might have to shorten it a little bit, but that song would scare even the russians.

  3. There wasn't much American history when John Phillips Souza wrote the star-spangled banner, but now, 1,000 years later we should use a song by one of the great American song writers. I nominate the greatest group of American Musicians ever, the Beatles - Let it Be.

  4. I'd go with Queen. We Will Rock You for the before the game anthem, and We are the Champions for the Medal Ceremony anthem

  5. I have 2 nominations...
    1. Elvis - Blue Suede Shoes...cuz who doesn't love peanut butter, bananas and bedazzled white jumpsuits. Honestly, it doesn't get more american than Elvis: ignoring authority, sex symbol, drug abuse, weight gain, pedophilia, Las Vegas, untimely death and most importantly- career driven impersonators.

    Thank me later.

  6. just another brick in the wall. i mean you can't have your pudding if you don't eat your meat.

  7. rock and roll pt 2. No one would dread hearing the anthem before games and EVERYBODY knows the words

  8. we need a song that unites the country, one that people from all walks of life know and can relate to. one that is uplifting, almost spirtual. And that song is sweet caroline by neil diamond.