Friday, August 1, 2008

Headline from Space

So last week, we played a game of Headliners about Facebook Scrabble and Scrabulous. We let you the readers vote, and you the readers have spoken. So congratulations to Meg for her Scrabble Squabble Squibble or whatever.

And now on to this week. We're going to be playing another round of Headliners, but we're going to ask that the answers are in a day early. We want to have all your answers in by Tuesday so that we can post the poll on Wednesday so that you can vote on Wednesday or Thursday so that we can have a winner on Friday so that we can write long sentences today.

Anyway, here's the story:

On Thursday, NASA scientists announced that the Phoenix lander exploring Mars had confirmed the existence of water on the planet. This was done by analyzing an icy soil sample from the planet's surface and then heating it. The discovery is a major breakthrough, creating more speculation about the possibility of life on Mars.

And here's our headline:
Scientists Find Ice on Mars, Now Searching for Tequila and Limes

Post your headline in the comments, and do it before Tuesday if you please.


  1. NASA Breakthrough: Heating Ice Creates Water!

  2. ha, yours is about making MARSgaritas!

    Anyway, how's this:
    Mars, Water, and Fire...except no Fire

  3. Water On Mars: Green Men No Longer Dying of Thirst

  4. Red Planet Once Blue: Color Blind People Indifferent

  5. Ice On Mars: USA Figure Skating team hopeful for manned mission 2020