Monday, August 11, 2008

Chapter 30: The Fox's Story

Mike and Johnny tried to ignore the sarcastic remarks from the fox but were curious as to his strange ability.

"So, could you always talk?" Johnny asked.


"Good, cause I say, 'Hello' to you like every day!" Mike chimed in.

"Yes, well, I couldn't respond before. Actually, it's a pretty weird story. Wanna hear it?"

"Please," said Mike, looking interested.

"Well, last night I was hanging out in the alley, as I usually do when it rains. All of a sudden, I saw that door over there open, but no one came out."

Mike and Johnny looked at each other, remembering Mike's first application of his super speed.

"Then, I turned back and saw a pizza box sitting on the trash can. Naturally, I went to eat it. It was delicious."

"See? Someone liked it," Mike said to Johnny.

"Dude, it was toxic! Mr. Fox, I mean, Fox, did you have any ill effects after eating it?"

"Oh, yes! I got sick and then passed out."

Johnny looked at Mike as if to say, "See? It was poisoned." Then, he actually did say, "See? It was poisoned."

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