Monday, November 3, 2008

Chapter 42: The Obstacle Course

Mike and Johnny, having agreed with the narrator to move the story along, began to set up some of the flashlights around the warehouse floor. It gave the room a faint almost dungeon-like glow, as if the two were in a secret hideout, which, in fact, they were.

"OK," Johnny said as he looked around the dimly lit warehouse floor. "Let's begin our training."

"Alright! BALL OF F-"


"Sorry," Mike said. "Well, we should use some of those empty crates to set up an obstacle course for me. Super speed is useless without super change of direction."

"Alright, let's get on it then."

The two brothers set up the crates around the warehouse floor, forming a narrow path that Mike would have to navigate through. Mike then went to the beginning of the maze.

Johnny put his arm in the air. "On your mark. Get set. Go!" Mike was gone and back in an instant. Standing next to Johnny, Mike put his hand out before Johnny even finished lowering his hand.

"Low Five!" Mike said.

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