Monday, November 24, 2008

Chapter 45: The Fox's Task

Mike and Johnny were in the middle of an epic battle. Johnny was on the catwalk firing tennis balls at Mike, while Mike was speeding around, trying to avoid the ones being fired and pick up the ones on the ground to throw back at Johnny. At first, Johnny was being pretty successful at hitting Mike when he tried to pick up the tennis balls. But as the battle wore on, Mike's agility got better, and he was able to avoid the shots almost every time. His throws, however, did not improve.

"Mike, you stink at throwing, man! They are going miles over my head!"

"Well, maybe it's because on American Gladiators, the target I'm supposed to hit is over your head."

Johnny stopped shooting for a second. "Okay, if that's really what you're aiming for, try to hit me now. I won't shoot."

Mike stopped running, picked up a ball, and threw it at Johnny. It went twenty feet over his head.

"See? You just stink!"

Mike frowned as was about to think of a comeback, when they heard footsteps. They both stopped cold. As the steps got closer, it began to sound like two pairs. Johnny motioned for Mike to go hide. Mike sped off instantly, and Johnny flew up to the shadows of the ceiling. Finally the identity was revealed. It was their friend the fox, looking wet, dirty, and tired, but very content.

"Hey, guys! I did it!"

"Did what?" Mike asked. "Won on Double Dare?"

"No, I made an entrance for you, " the fox replied. "And I found a really cool back entrance too, one that no one will be able to get from."

"Nice, let's go see them!" And the two heroes followed the fox, as he led them to show off his fine work.

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