Friday, November 13, 2009

Cereal Slogans

It's Grrrrrrrame Time!
Shlakes are for kids?
Cooookie Crisp?

Last Week's Winner

Last Wednesday, the Yankees won the World Series, so last Friday we played the PSB Original Game, Headliners, where you had to think of a clever headline chronicling the World Series victory.

Sam gave us a lot of responses. We particularly liked "Godzilla Defeats Mothra!" But, since Chump Utley's nickname is not, in fact, Mothra, Sam doesn't win.

Joey Bag of Donuts gave a shout out to the Hairston family, but since Jerry Hairston Jr. isn't really that good, and we have no evidence that Jerry Hairston III even exists, Joey can't win. Sorry!

But this week's winner is Mama Meg, as her headline accurately summarized the sentiment of many people around the country, especially most Nats fans: "Baseball Season Finally Over!" Well done, Meg! You should work for a newspaper. A cynical newspaper.

This Week's Game

This week, Johnny poked fun at cereals aimed at adults, saying all cereals should have a cute cartoon character hawking their product. But, as Johnny mentioned, the mascot is not always a character in upstanding character. So, we thought we would change this up and combine two of our games into one. We mashed up the PSB Original Games Bests and Worsts and Ad Geniuses to get this game:

Come up with an ad campaign that features the worst cartoon character for a cereal.

Ours is this: A cereal called Sugary Spartans has a Greek man named Diabetes selling the product.



  1. "Sweet Fleet" Sugar coated crunchies shaped to look like battleships, carriers, submarines and U-boats. The 'Fleet' is commanded by Captain Cavity.

  2. BETTER LETTERS - Chocolate letters. The spokes-letters are O, B, C, and D. In the commercials, when the kids see these letters, they say "Hello OBCD", and the mom says "It's not just for kids, now the whole family can enjoy OBCD with Better Letters".

  3. Blue Chippers and John Calipari

  4. Cereal: Chocoholic
    Cartoon character is Al the Alcoholic, he wakes up hung over, and eats Chocoholic cereal to make him feel better. Tag line from Al: "Chocolate is my favorite addiction!"

  5. Cereal: Jumpin Jesus Flakes
    Cartoon Character: A white robed cheery-faced cartoon Jesus telling kids that when "...the son of God eats his cereal, he changes the milk into wine!"*

    *not recommended for children

  6. Crunchy Critters

    Chris the Cockroach talks about how great the cereal is, but at the end of each commercial he gets stepped on. its ok though, because the smushed bug says, "Everything is better when it crunches!"