Friday, December 18, 2009

Weird Lyrics

Deck the halls with boughs of Game Time! Fa la la la la, etc.

Last Week's Winner

To get all of our fans in the Holiday spirit, we asked you to mash up two Christmas songs to form a new one. We got a lot of good responses, let's take a look at some of them.

First, Tony started us off with a good mashup - “I saw Mamma kissing Dominic the Donkey” about an Italian woman and the family burro. Too much uovo-nog, perhaps?

Luca, big A and Lorenzo all had some fine answers ranging from "Deck the Snowman!" to "Rudolph the Red Christmas Song" to "God Rest Ye Chipmunk," all of which came with their own stories describing the basic gists of the songs.

Russ one-upped them by providing not only the story of his new Christmas tune, but also providing a detailed description of the music video to his "We Three Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire". Unfortunately, that only earned Russ a silver medal.

Because the winner is... DBeck, a new reader who is showing up all over the Pake Shlake Band blogs, thanks to his recent commenting over at

Here was DBeck's answer:
“Grandma Got Run Over by the Little Drummer Boy”

Set to a polka, this song depicts the poor little drummer boy, late to play his gig for baby Jesus and ill-equipped to be driving due to his age, running over Grandma as she walked home from our house Christmas Eve. You can say there’s no such thing as underaged percussionists driving over the elderly, but as for me and Grandpa we believe

We expect to hear that on the radio before the Holiday season is over. Or else it will be a Pake Shlake Band original song by next year.

This Week's Game

We had a Christmas theme going this week, three different posts talking about odd holiday lyrics. And one post about Obama. So, we thought we would revisit that theme in our Game Time:

What is the weirdest lyric in a Christmas song?

We are gonna go with the old classic, Frosty the Snowman. Look at the lyrics, you'll know what we mean.

Now it's your turn. We ask that you not repeat any of the ones we've already used. You can use the same song if you want, but pick a different lyric. Now, play!


  1. "Let's give thanks to the Lord above 'cause Santa Claus comes tonight." That is an unusual mix of religious and secular. Gene Autry is the singing cowboy, not the signing theologian.

  2. In Elvis' "Santa Bring my Baby Back", the king says, "Fill my sock with candy." Um...well, he's the king.

  3. From Chuck Berry's classic Run Rudolph Run

    "A little baby doll that can cry, sleep, and wet"

  4. I don't know if these are the weirdest lyrics, but they make me laugh every time I hear them. From 'Happy Holidays / The Holiday Season':
    "It's the holiday season
    With the whoop-de-do and hickory dock
    And don't forget to hang up your sock."

  5. Not weird, but perhaps a little obvious- Little Saint Nick, the Beach Boys-
    "Merry Christmas, Santa... Christmas comes this time each year"... you really need to wish Santa a merry Christmas and remind him that Christmas comes every December? Thanks for the help Brian Wilson.

  6. Don we now our gay apparel.