Wednesday, December 9, 2009


While we're writing a letter to Mother Nature, I'd like to add something. (You know I'm very much against wasting stamps. I intend to make my forever stamps true to their name.)

If we could add a little postscript action to that letter, here is what I would like it to say:


Have you ever thought of coming up with any new kinds of precipitation? My vote would be for ice cream.

And you could call it a really goofy name so the weathermen would always feel silly when they have to give the forecast. "Tomorrow, expect heavy amounts of Tooty Frooty Droppy Ploppies. The last time it Tooty Frooty Droppy Plopped this badly, schools had to be delayed for fear of excessive shoving in the playground."

You can come up with your own name though. Tooty Frooty Droppy Ploppying was just a suggestion.

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