Friday, December 4, 2009

Black Friday Facts

'Tis the season to play Game Time! Fa la la la la la la la la!

Last Week's Winner

There is no winner from last week, primarily because there was no Game Time last week. Last Friday was the day after Thanksgiving, and you know how that is: Shopping, sleeping, lounging around the house. So we were too busy to post. But, there was a Game Time two weeks ago, so we could probably still pick a winner for that one.

Two Weeks Ago's Winner

Two weeks ago, we played the PSB Original Game Bests and Worsts, and asked for a person with the best name-appropriate occupation. We were thinking of picking Joey Bag of Donuts as our winner, but then he demanded victory, at which point we said, "No way, Jose!" which is appropriate since Jose is Joseph in espanol. Anyway, he doesn't win for the simple reason that he said he should, which was probably true anyway.

That means Elizabeth is the winner! She snuck in under the wire, posting yesterday, which was theoretically six days late. So, you posted late and would have lost if Joey hadn't been rude. But you somehow managed to win anyway! That's the true definition of a champion! Well done.

This Week's Game

Well, it's after Thanksgiving, which means the Christmas season is upon us! Last Friday was "Black Friday," the unofficial kickoff for holiday shopping. We would have posted about it last week, but we were to busy shopping, sleeping, lounging, you know how it is. But, the point is the holiday season is upon us, and what better way to kick of the holidays than with a Game Time?

We at the Pake Shlake Band have our fair share of PSB Original Games, in fact, we have a monopoly on PSB Original Games. If you know anyone else who has PSB Original Games, report them to the authorities. Or us. We'll take care of them. Heh heh.

Anyway, we were looking through our records and found that we haven't played Little-Known Facts in a while. So let's!

Give us a little-known fact about Black Friday.

Here is ours:
On Black Friday, the one millionth customer to enter a Target store gets a great deal on a TV. But, so do the first 999,999.

Wow, we didn't know that. Did you? Give us your little-known facts in the comments.


  1. 72% of Americans consider waking up early to go shopping a "Post-Thanksgiving Workout"...the other 18% of the country thinks those people are fat and stupid.

  2. The "Black" in Black Friday refers to the color of the asphalt in most store and mall parking lots.

  3. People are so mystified by Black Friday they are even willing to shop at Best Buy!