Monday, January 26, 2009

Super Heroes Hiatus

Hello, everyone. Did you notice that we didn't have a Super Heroes story last week?

Well we've been thinking: the story was on Chapter 52, that means 52 weeks, which is a year, by our calendar. So, we think it's high time to give the Story Time a little Vacation Time, since no one should work a year straight without a little time off. Not even fictional characters. (Wait, are we fictional?) No, but we are playing fictional characters in the story. (Oh.)

To fill the void, we will be taking the opportunity to try out some new sections, so please give us your feedback, because we like nothing more than hearing electric guitars with the amps too loud. Wait, no, not that type of feedback. Give us your thoughts.

If you like what we are doing, tell us. If you don't, dude, what's your problem? Give us a break, we're trying really hard here. (Well, not that hard.) Anyway, the point is, we are trying out some different stuff, so see if you like it. And don't worry, our friendly heroes with odd powers will be back soon enough.

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