Friday, January 16, 2009

Cabinet Members

Last Friday, we asked for Superman's favorite song. You gave your answers, and after tallying the votes, the winner! Oh, yeah! Good work, Pake Shlake Band, you guys are great! Aw, shucks, thanks! Secretly, we think we won because "White Wedding" was the best overall song, not necessarily the best song as it pertains to Superman. But, that's just us.

For those of you who don't know, the Presidential Inauguration is this coming Tuesday. And to celebrate our great democracy, and the fact that people in DC get a nice long weekend, we have this question for you:

Who should President Obama put in his cabinet?

We say he should have a bottle of 12 year old scotch. (No, not his liquor cabinet. His cabinet. You know, like Secretary of State or Attorney General?) Oh, yes. We say he should put in Dr. Teeth as Surgeon General. He can talk about the health benefits of boogieing down to the psychotherapeutic musicology of the Electric Mayhem. (Um, you know Surgeon General isn't really a cabinet position, right?) It is now.

Who do you think Obama should appoint? Put your answers in the comments. And, if there are enough answers (not likely) we may just pick some good ones instead of voting this week. But, you never know.


  1. I think President Obama should pick the Pake Shlake Band to be his Secretaries of Music. Who better to come up with inspiring music to uplift the administration in the midst of such difficult times!!

  2. I think Obama should appoint Candi as Secretary of Rumpsmooching.

  3. Animal- homeland security

  4. scrooge mcduff should be secretary of treasury

  5. secretary of transportation: the michelin man

  6. I think McCain should be the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, since that is all we heard about during the election.