Friday, June 12, 2009

Gumball Machines 2.0

What day is it? Game Time!

(That doesn't even make sense.)

So last week, we played another round of the PSB Original Game, Say What?, and you had to give a caption for the picture of Johnny in his flame-thrower hat. The answers came in, but there can be only one winner. Let's see who it was.

Mama Meg suggested, "Someone left the Shlake out in the rain" which is applaudable, but not winnable.

Tony suggested, "In the olden days, before Thomas Edison, this is what ideas looked like" which is winnable but not applaudable.

Today, it looks like we're looking for both winnable and applaudable, so the winning caption goes to...

...DJ and his "Johnny! You burned my sombrero!!" for referencing back to the inaugurual Say What? game on Cinco de Mayo.

Congratulations to DJ, and anti-congratulations to everyone else. Look! What's that over in the next paragraph?

Oh it's this week's game. We're gonna swing it back and play a round of the PSB Original Game Bests and Worsts.

The other day, Mike talked about the wonderfulness that is the gumball machine. Here's today's question:

Best new feature someone could add to gumball machines.

Here's our answer: Some sort of bio-identity scanner that would give us FREE gumballs instead of having to add nickels or quarters or Pocahontas dollars.

What do you think? Commentify.


  1. After the gumball comes out, the machine initiates an anti-bacterial procedure to keep germs off the next gumball. Those machines are gross, especially the gum.

  2. Something that makes it taste like Bubble-yum and not gross stale gum.

  3. (At least that's what I think Mitch would say)

  4. A gumball machine that spits out smaller gumball machines

  5. How about a choose your own color. I hate when they make you think its gonna be blue and then you get a yellow and its like, "Nooooooo!!!!"