Friday, August 21, 2009

Ironic Twist

Many a tear have to fall (do-do-do-do) but it's all (do-do-do-do) in the Game Time.

Last Week's Winner

We had a double dose of Headliners last week, where you the choice of two articles to create a headline for. One was about the passing of Les Paul, the other was about the passing of third-string quarterback Colt Brennan. Let's review the responses.

Sam was again the midnight responder, submitting two answers. With respect to the Redskins article, he gave the headline: "Ravens to Redskins: Nevermore." It was okay, but we thought it would have been more clever if it has said "Never score," because that rhymes and the Redskins were in fact shut out. His "Les Paul: Guitar Hero" answer was very clever, and probably would have won, except we chastised him last week for his late responses, and we felt we couldn't continue to reward his procrastination. At least not two weeks in a row. So, Sam loses on both counts.

Next, Tony gave the double answer, "Les Paul is dead, so are Redskins playoff hopes." This was good, but we thought it couldn't win, because what newspaper would put those two topics in the same article? the Washington Post hasn't condensed that much. So, Tony loses.

Then who wins? Well, it's Luca, for his response, "Les is No More." Short and sweet. Except, not that sweet since it's making light of someone's death. But, that's fine with us. Good work, Luca!

This Week's Game

For this week's game, we are going to change it up a bit. Earlier in the week, Mike pulled the ol' ironic twist on us, and then mentioned that Ironic Twist is a good product name. So, here is this week's game:

Come up with an advertising slogan for "Ironic Twist."

Now, here is our ironic twist, the product "Ironic Twist" can be anything. That's right, you get to decide what the product is and how to market it. How fun! Here's our answer:

Ironic Twist: Scoop It, Twist It, Trash It. Who's the Master? Ironic.

See? In this case, Ironic Twist was a pooper scooper. Your turn.


  1. Narrator (Jeremy Irons), "Introducing Ironic Twist. From the makers of 'Looks like an Apple', 'Ironic Twist' is a Fruity Beverage with just a hint of human blood. Refreshing...for a Cannibal! Now that's an 'Ironic Twist'"

  2. The Ironic Twist ironing board actually conforms itself to the position of your arm so you can iron while doing anything.

    Marketing campaign: Show a bunch of very flexible people playing twister and ironing at the same time.

  3. Plain Tonic juices, no flavors. Expecting something else? Why do you think we called it Ironic Twist.

  4. Narrator (Alanis Morissette) : If a #2 Pencil is so Popular, then why is it still #2? Get ironic-less #1 pencils today! First 5 callers get a free lemon twist!

  5. Ironic Twist is the new roller coaster:

    You'll never see roller coasters the same. Or will you? Ironic Twist.

  6. Ironic Twist is the new show on a cable news network. They bring in a democrat and a republican to argue, but the democrat has to defend the republican idea and vice versa. The slogan for the show is: "If you lose."

  7. Ironic Twist is a new game by the Pake Shlake Band. They give people a whole week to think of good answers, but every week some guy takes five minutes and posts at 11:50 PM on Thursday and still wins. Ironic, isnt it?