Friday, August 14, 2009

Les Paul and the Redskins

Take me out to the Game Time, take me out with the Shlake!

In out last Game Time, we played the PSB Original Game, Little-Known Facts, where you had to provide some knowledge knuggets about Paul McCartney. Let's recap some of the best answers.

Joey Bag of Donuts told us about the song "Yesterday," and while this was interesting, we feel it bordered to much on the truth side, seeing as it was, in fact, true. Nice try, Joey, but we prefer that our little-known facts are not so fact-like. Sorry!

Next DJ and Nick had similar ideas, and combining their answers with our original answer, you get the very little-known fact that Paul McCartney of Liverpool is really the Irish-American Ringo MacCartney from Omaha, Nebraska. Wow, bet you didn't know that! But, since we don't like giving dual awards, they don't win.

Finally, we come to Sam. We had a great struggle with Sam. You see, we like people to respond early, and Sam waited until the last minute. But, we are glad to see people play. And, then he posted more than one answer, but, they were rather enjoyable. So, after much deliberation, we decided he should win, but get a reprimand. So, Sam wins for his fact: "Paul’s band Wings was named after the famous television sitcom about a New England airport." Ah, yes, Lowell would be honored. Nice job, Sam. But, next time, we won't be so generous, so shape up or ship out!

Now, for this week's game. Let's play another round of the PSB Original Game, Headliners. What do you say? Great. This week, we'll do the ol' two-for-one, where we'll give you two stories, and you can give us a headline for either one.

Les Paul, commonly credited with the invention of the electric guitar, died yesterday at the age of 94. He is best known for the guitar that bears his name, but also for muti-track recording which revolutionalized the music industry. He was also a guitarist himself, playing with people from Bing Crosby to Louis Armstrong. His death was caused from complications from pneumonia.

The Washington Redskins played their first pre-season game of the year yesterday, losing to the Baltimore Ravens 23-0. The Redskins offense looked impotent, the defense ineffective, and perhaps the only thing more futile than the Redskins third-down defense was the Ravens red-zone offense, as Baltimore twice marched down the field only to settle for field goals. The starters from both teams were removed by the second quarter, rendering the rest of the game a glorified try-out for the last few roster spots, for which no Redskin made a serious claim. Third-string quarterback Colt Brennan, vying to become second-string quarterback, did not help his cause, completing only a third of his passes and throwing the only interception of the game.

Here's our headline:
Redskins Lose Big; Pake Shlake Band Writes Scathing Recap

OK, now it's your turn. Give us a headline to either of those recaps, and see if it's your answer running in the papers next week. And by "running in the papers," we mean shouted-out on Post your headlines!


  1. Les Paul dies; Redskins get killed

  2. Or...

    Les Paul is dead, so are Redskins playoff hopes

  3. Ravens score 23 points is first preseason game, equal scoring total from 2008

  4. Ravens to Redskins: "Nevermore"