Friday, October 23, 2009

Say Ox?

Gate Mime? Magi Meet? Game Time!

Last Week's Winner

We played the PSB Original Game Bests And Worsts last week, asking you to come up with the worst name for a band. Let's look at the best, or should we say worst, responses.

Big A thought "the Cacaphonies" would be an awful name, and we concur. But, his tagline overdid it. Bands don't really have taglines. So that answer doesn't win.

Sam posted two answers, "The Off-Keys" and "The Flat Heads". Eh.

Luca came close with his response of "The Beach Boys." That's a pretty dumb name for a band, but since the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame doesn't agree, that answer doesn't win, either.

Which means that Elizabeth wins with her group, "The Deaftones." Get it? Like the Deftones, but deaf. Well done, Elizabeth!

This Week's Game

Yesterday, Johnny decided to use all the letters in the alphabet exactly once to make a sentence about gravy and ox and blitz-jump. And since he had a drawing to go along with it, we thought we would play the PSB Original Game, Say What?, where your job is to come up with a funny caption to a picture.

Here's the picture:

Now, come up with a funny caption. Here's ours:

All this gravy and me with no mashed potatoes!

See? Easy. And we're sure your responses will be funnier than that one.

So, please put your captions in the comments. And please, no jokes about how the ox really looks like a cow. Johnny has always been very sensitive about his ox representations, and we don't want to fracture his ego further.


  1. "Being sacked by Colonel Sanders is even more embarrassing than that time I was sacked by Deion Sanders."

  2. This game is all about 'X's and 'O's, that's why it's perfect for an OX.

  3. ...and the ox goes for the hail-gravy pass....!!

  4. I should probably mooooove

  5. Hey, when did KFC's gravy blitz-jump the ox?

  6. After this play Dan Snyder has banned all condiments from Fed Ox Field.