Friday, October 16, 2009

Bad Band Names

It is time for games. It is time for game. Singular. Game Time.

Last Week's Winner

This past Monday was Columbus Day (to honor Columbus, we didn't post), and last week's Game Time was centered around his infamous voyage in 1492. We played the PSB Original Game Headliners, asking you to give us a clever headline. Let's take a look at the newspaper-worthy submissions.

Sam seems to have restarted his trend of posting right under the deadline, but since this is a game about newspaper headlines, we think that's appropriate. His "Santa Maria!" headline was funny but not particularly descriptive. He probably would have needed a sub-headline to win with it. And since he didn't have one, he doesn't. Win, that is.

Lorenzo and Joey had a nice back and forth about cities named after Columbus, but we felt that was a little too modern. We were looking for headlines from the 15th century, not the 19th century.

Tony's headline was perhaps a foreshadowing of future events, "Columbus Reaches New World, Natives Restless." This was funny, but it doesn't win. So who does?

Why, Nick, of course! We thought his headline, "Suicidal Columbus Will Fall Off Earth’s Edge!" accurately summed up the sentiment in Europe at the time. Nice job, Nick!

This Week's Game

Earlier this week, Mike talked about the murderous video and the Buggles who paid tribute to said video.

Well, that got us thinking. Buggles is a pretty silly name for a band. So, we thought we should play the PSB Original Game, Bests and Worsts. Here's your game:

Worst name for a band.

We think the worst name would be the Off-keys.

What do you think? Post, my friends, post!