Friday, October 9, 2009


Hey hey, you you, I don't like your Game Time. You don't???
No way, no way, I think you need a new one. That's not a bad idea.

Last Week's Winner

Last Friday, we played a round of the PSB Original Game, Bests and Worsts, all about state songs. You had to come up with the worst songs about United States states and you didn't disappoint point.

We heard everything from real songs about states (“Delaware”) to real songs not even remotely about states but for some reason adopted by states (“Hang On Sloopy”) to real songs with the titles twisted to sound like they're about states (“You're So Maine”) to songs by artists whose names sounds like states (Hannah Montana) to completely made up songs (“I Need to Know, so Alaska”).

That makes it kinda hard to pick the winner, so we have to dig a little deeper to find out the cream of the crop. You see, sometimes the cream doesn't rise to the top, and you have to dig further down into the muck.

David submitted a youtube video to go along with his submission while Big A sent along the lyrics.

Sam submitted two responses, including runner-up “Deep in the Heart past the Aorta through the Coronary Artery of Texas”.

But the winner is... Sonny with the answer “Raise Up” by Petey Pablo, whose real name Sonny pointed out is Moses Barrett III.

How Moses turns into Petey, Barrett turns into Pablo, and a song about taking your shirt off in North Carolina turns into a Top 25 hit are all mysteries to us. But it earned Sonny a victory.

This Week's Game

For those of you who don't know, this Monday is Columbus Day. Observed. So, we thought we would dedicate this week's Game Time to Christopher Columbus. Observed. We're playing the PSB Original Game, Headliners, where this week your goal is to come up with a clever headline to the following article about Columbus. Observed.

On October 12th, Christopher Columbus and his crew landed in the New World. Sailing for King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, Columbus took three ships, the NiƱa, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, across the Atlantic Ocean in hopes of finding a water route to India. Columbus himself was convinced that he had in fact reached India, but it was clear that he had not. A newly unknown land has been discovered.

Your goal: To come up with a headline for this article. BUT, as we like to do with articles summarizing events from way back, you should write a headline that could have run in the time of Columbus. Observed. Here's ours:

A couple days ago, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

It doesn't have quite the same ring, but I'm sure Gutenberg would print it. (Johannes, not Steve. Well, Steve would probably print it, too.) Anyway, post your headlines honoring Columbus in the comments. Observed.


  1. Columbus Reaches New World, Natives Restless.

  2. Columbus Discovers Capital of Ohio

  3. Natives strike back by naming a city in his honor in Mississippi!


  4. Suicidal Columbus Will Fall Off Earth's Edge!

  5. Columbus Discovers India...Again. We already know how to get there, bozo!

  6. Columbus Mistakes New World for India. Did he notice they didn't speak Hindi?