Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Phoney Customer Service

I love how when I'm on the phone with some company, they always tell me (while I'm on hold waiting for a real person) that I can find the information I need on their website. Obviously the information I need is not on your website or why else would I be calling? You think I don't know how to find find something online? I found Pandamonium; I can find anything.

I can't tell which is better:

A) When I'm on the phone with my Internet provider because I can't access the web, and they tell me to go online

B) When whoever I'm on the phone with tells me to go to their "internet page site" at "http colon back slash back slash www dot whatever dot com dash help dash support dot html" and enter "keyword support"

C) They don't even have a website anymore. They just don't want to answer the phone.

I kinda like C the best. That's what I'd do if I ever had to provide some kinda support.

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