Friday, November 23, 2007

Pilgrim Poems

For the game last week, we asked you to name some bad doctors. And the winner for that game is Sid for his answer, Dr. Dre. Congrats, Sid! And now, on to this week's game:

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, as most of our American readers know. Our Canadian readers are probably thinking, "I thought Thanksgiving was in October, eh?" and our other readers around the world are thinking, "What's Thanksgiving, and how do I get in on that?" Well, look no further than your friends from the Pake Shlake Band. We are making this week's Game Time one where everyone can join in the fun.

Remember on Halloween when we asked you for scary stories? We are doing a similar game this week. But, instead of scary stories, we'd like poems. Poems that include your favorite Thanksgiving character, that is. What, like Squanto? Sure. Like Squanto. Or like Peter Von Porten, the Paltry Pilgrim. Basically, you can interpret "Thanksgiving Character" however you like. So here's the game:

Write a Thanksgiving poem involving your favorite Thanksgiving character.

Ours would go something like this:

When the days start to shorten,
And the trees start to die,
We head to Peter Von Porten's
To eat all his pie.

Put on your poetry caps, and try to top ours. Our poem, not our poetry cap. That is untoppable.


  1. We came to this new world thinking we’d find milk and honey,
    Or at least our own new church where we could have collection money.
    But now it’s just too cold, and there aren’t any eats,
    But look, here come the natives with some turkeys and some sweets.
    They’ve prepared a super feast, oh their friendliness is grand!
    Now that we’ve survived the winter, let’s take over all their land.

    Who are the real saveages?

  2. When people are glad 'n'
    our family's potluckin',
    I think of John Madden
    And his holiday turducken

  3. There once was a chicken named McGuirky
    Who was plump 'cause he ate too much jerky
    He gave out a cluck
    And said, "I'm in luck.
    It's Thanksgiving and I ain't a turkey!"

  4. Hey,
    wait a minute,
    aren't you Latoya Jackson?!?!