Monday, November 19, 2007

Quiet, please.

Tennis is a strange sport. They make you be quiet. Imagine if other competitive sports made you do that. The referee would yell at you if you made noise. And both teams would give you dirty looks, as if to say, "Hey, dude, we're playing a game here, could you please be quiet? I don't come to your job and yell." I find that strange. But, it makes focusing on net vibrations much easier.

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  1. What about golf? You're really have to be quite there! Even the announcers use a phony whisper as if the golfers could hear them from their broadcast position in a tree somewhere.

    To paraphrase Al McQuire, everyone has to be quiet when some old, overweight pro golfer is trying to make a 3 foot putt but 20,000 fans can be screaming and waving their arms and if a 17 year old kid misses a free throw they say he choked.