Friday, November 9, 2007

Asleep on the Job

In yesterday's post, Johnny alluded to the difficult life of a shepherd. He claimed that the sheep herder's trouble comes from falling asleep on the job. Well, that's not such a bad thing for a shepherd: all he does is lose sheep. But, it could be really bad news for a different occupation. So, here's today's question:

What would be the worst job to fall asleep while working?

Best answer gets a shout out. In the sense that we will shout out your name. If you listen very closely, you might be able to hear us yelling.


  1. A Mathematician

    Oh wait... I misread the question. I thought it was asking what is the worst job, during which you always fall asleep while working.

  2. The worst job to fall asleep during is definitely a chainsaw juggler. Trust me.

  3. What about Santa Claus? Think of all the distraught kids and pissed off parents they'd be if Santa fell asleep on his way to your neighborhood. And think of all the obsessed kids and scheming parents that would try to kidnap Santa and keep him for their own if he fell asleep in your neighborhood.

    And besides that, he only works one day a year, so it would be pretty embarrassing if he couldn't stay awake that one day. With everybody counting on him.

  4. I guess it would be bad to fall asleep if you were the congressperson in charge of filibustering against a big law on Capitol Hill. (I just wanted to work the word "filibuster" into the game.)

  5. How about a therapist? But in particular a therapist who is counseling someone who finds himself boring. That's awkward.