Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Once a Year

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, the day where we are all supposed to give thanks for the good things in our lives. But here's my thing: why is it only once a year?

It's like Mother's Day or Earth day. Are we only supposed to appreciate our Moms on the second Sunday in May? Are we only supposed to care about the environment whenever the heck Earth Day is? Then why do we have to wait until November to eat turkey, mashed potatoes, and apple pie?


  1. i had a turkey sandwich today, mashed potatoes earlier this week, and my grandma made some apple pie the week before. i think the real problem is the lack of pumpkin pie throughout the year. but then again, in my college every other week in the cafeteria they would serve breakfast for dinner and pumpkin pie for dessert.

    now that really gets to me. ok first off, breakfast is one heck of a scam of meal in my eyes. your most fundamental meal is a bowl of hundreds of identical flakes or bits of food. now ok maybe the first ten flakes or bits or whatever of this cereal business knock your socks off but then you realize hey theres like 100000 million more of those things in the bowl that i got to eat. and yeah at some point that gets boring. but people say dude look thats the quick and easy meal look what else breakfast has to offer, and im all like yeah homogeneous disks of fluffy starch stacked 5 high with some butter and a butterworth lady to try to disguise the same taste bite after bite. and then theres the scrambled eggs. mix that yolk and egg white so everything is exactly alike and there you go let's call that a meal. pssssssh. i ain't falling for it, and i certainly wont fall for it twice in one day. breakfast for dinner HA!!!

    now juxtapose the beloved pumpkin pie to breakfast like my dining hall loves to do. yeah its just like breakfast foods with its uniform orange pumpkin pie filling poured into a simple dough crust. but look at how pumpkin pie carries itself. is it lobbying to make it on to every kitchen table in the nation first thing each morning? no way. its not trying to get in everyones stomach first thing in the morning before the stomach can even wake up to figure out what its being subjected to. it's completely ok with being a once in a while treat and never does it force itself on you. so look man this pie really is humble and not to mention a class act. so this turkey day take a good look at your pumpkin pie and say thank you to a true class act.