Friday, November 30, 2007

Sgt Zormac Goes to Hollywood

Last week, we asked for Thanksgiving poems involving your favorite holiday character. Emily won with her limerick about McGuirky the Thanksgiving Chicken. I bet she's thankful that she won. Oh yeah? I'll take that bet.

Yesterday, Johnny described a scenario in which an alien race accidentally conquers planet Earth. We thought that would make a good movie. But we couldn't figure out what to call it. So here's this week's Game Time question:

What should the movie be titled?

The best we had so far was, "Illegal Aliens," and the tagline could be something like, "In space, no one can hear you sneeze."

Got something better? Post it up, fuzzball.


  1. "Is There a Doctor in the Galaxy?"

    Tagline: "Their technology was advanced. But not as advanced as their immune systems."

  2. "Allergic Reaction"

    "They Came in peace, They Will Leave in Pieces"

  3. "unwelcome visitors"

    possible taglines:

    1. these aliens are nothing to sneeze at.

    2. these aliens are something to sneeze at.

    3. these aliens are nothing to sneeze at. but you will.

  4. Blimkor: The Transsexual Alien