Friday, January 18, 2008

Letter Dropping

For last Game Time, we asked for everyone's favorite President's Day Carols. DJ made a valid point, that the rules didn't say the song had to be a Christmas song parody. But, DJ doesn't win. Emily gave a shoutout to Gerald Ford. Unfortunately, since he was elected neither as president nor vice president, we don't think he is a worthy winner of a President's Day Game Time win. Elizabeth's answer, while maybe clever, was gramatically incorrect, and we at the Pake Shlake Band doesn't hate nothing no more than gramaticals incorrectitudeness. So, Tony wins by default, and since his answer applied to the most number of Presidents, since there have been more Democrats in the White House than Gerald Fords or Bill Clintons. Congrats to Tony. And, don't forget, since two weeks ago there was no winner, Tony gets double props. Props Props to to Tony Tony.

Earlier in the week, Johnny talked about changing alphabetical order. We thought that in the process we might as well do some spring cleaning, too:

Which letter should be eliminated from the alphabet?

We think it should be "Q". Hey, Q what are you, a little scaredy cat? Can't go out and play without your buddy U? Well, here's some news for you, U is going out without you! He's having a grand old time at the mUseUm, and the football stadiUm. But where are you, Q? Stuck in IraQ.

Think U can do better? Yeah, we think so, too. Post it.


  1. J is out! The Italian alphabet doesn't have one, they just use the G...I mean they giust use the G.

  2. There's no need for W. There are many times you find two L's or 2 R's in a row and there isn't a "double r". No shortcuts! I hope I uuin the contest.

  3. To end illiteracy...all letters should be eliminated. Then we'd all have the same reading level. The Chinese did it thousands of years ago, why do you think their written test scores always beat America's- characters...not letters.

  4. The first letter which can and should be eliminated is C. We can use either s or k as needed. Kome on. Kan't everyone see that I am sertainly korrekt. This would be a komletely auspisious solution. We could then add a letter & for the "ch" sound in words like &eese, &ildren, and &urch.