Monday, January 14, 2008

Chapter 1: The Super Hero Pizza

It was a dark and stormy night. The darkness of the night was not totally unexpected, but the storm was. Mike and Johnny were sitting around, looking out the window at the driving rain. And the driving car. The driving car?

"Pizza's here!" they both exclaimed, and ran to the door. Johnny grabbed the pizza and headed to the kitchen, while Mike stayed behind to pay the delivery guy. As usual.

As Johnny was opening the box to take his first piece, he noticed something unusual. "Ew, what's this?" he asked.

"It's Pizza Bandits' new pizza, The Super Hero." Mike replied. "Limited time only!"

"Super Hero? Who wants a 16-inch hoagie as a topping?"

"Oh, hero like sandwich. I thought it was called that because it's the super hero of pizzas. You know, like it's got the sauce of justice and EXTRA CHEESE! And it hurls its pepperoni nunchuks to tie up the evil sausages and bring them back in for the authorities."

"First, pepperonis look nothing like nunchuks. Second, nunchuks don't fly back to you - that's a boomerang. And third, Super Pizza would never try to harm the sausages, for they are a peaceful people. It's the evil Anchovy Army he has to watch out for."

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