Friday, January 11, 2008

O Cherry Tree

Last week, we asked you give us your super hero name. Unfortunately, none of the answers were very good, so we are going to declare no one the winner, and roll over the prize. No, not roll over like roll over, roll over like roll over. Yes, like that.

Earlier this week, Johnny was asking plenty of questions about President's Day, and that led us to one more:

What is your favorite President's Day carol?

Johnny mentioned some good ones, but our favorite is "Do You Hear What I Hear? Yes, we have wiretapped your phone." Tell us yours.


  1. Dominic the Donkey, to commemorate the Democratic Presidents.

  2. "Hark the Gerald Angels Sing" for Gerald Ford, may he rest in peace. Also, "Last Caucus (I gave you my vote, but the very next day you lost in Wyoming)."

  3. "Clinton We Have Heard Him High"

  4. the game doesnt say christmas songs transformed into presidents songs, so ill say "the adams family", but if it has to be xmas, ill go with "go tell in on mount vernon"