Friday, June 27, 2008

Headliners, Part 2

Hello, everyone! Big doings, this week. First off, early last week we had a post translating Shlakese into English. The term translated was "brav," and we mentioned that we would use that word in a post this week, and the first person to post a comment on that post would get a shout out. Well, that post was about Wimbledon, and Emily was the first to post a comment. So, she gets a shout out. Emily!!!!

Next, we have to decide who won last week's Game Time about the Celtics' NBA Title. Your job was to think of a good headline to the news article. We got a lot of answers, but we are going to pick Nick as the winner, whose headline was "Lakers Drown." Short and sweet, just like Nick. Congratulations, Nick! You won the first edition of Headliners!
Note: we do not know for certain if Nick is indeed short and sweet. We just guessed. He could be tall and mean for all we know, but we hope not.

Now onto this week's game. We got a lot of responses last week for the inaugural game of Headliners, so we thought we would try the game again. (You see, to us, responses equal fun, so more responses equals more fun. And using fun, or equivalently responses, as an indicator, Headliners is a good game to play again.) To refresh your memory, this is how you play: we give you a brief summary of a news story; you think of a headline. Here is the article:

After over three decades at Microsoft, Bill Gates is retiring today. In 1975, Gates and Paul Allen, two Harvard drop outs, established Microsoft, which is now the biggest software company in the world. Bill Gates was the richest person in the world for almost a decade, and now ranks third on the list of richest people, with a net worth of 58 billion dollars. The 52-year old will now focus his efforts on the charity he founded with his wife, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but will remain on Microsoft's Board of Directors.

Here is our headline:
Bill Gates Goes on Standby

Give us your headline in the comments.


  1. Bill Gates Retires, Send Error Report? Don't Send.

  2. Please Wait while Gates Shuts Down

  3. Gates Leaves Microsoft Problems to IT Professionals

  4. I got another one:

    Gates Out at MS,
    Will Retire to Summer Homes in Bermuda, Southern France, New Zealand, and the Moon

  5. E non ci prendono i quarant'anni, E non ci prenderĂ  BILL GATES!

  6. Gates Retires, Looks Forward to Buying Mac

  7. Closing Gates Opens Charity Door

  8. Gated Community: Bill Set to Retire