Friday, June 13, 2008

Brav It Up

So for last week's Game Time, we kept the Triple Crown horse game going on way too long. We already asked about horse names once before and it wasn't that much fun. Then we asked again, and it was significantly less fun. By the time we asked last week's question, it was if we were beating a dead horse. (That would have been terribly insensitive had we written that last year, but so far it looks like Big Old Brown is gonna keep kicking...himself).

Anyway, so here's what we're gonna do this week. On Tuesday, we started explaining some Shlakese to everybody, explaining the Shlakiferous word, "Brav." Well, we want everybody to brav it up for us:

Use the word "brav" in a sentence. Or a story. Or some sort of dialogue. Or just post the word "brav" in the comments.

Here's ours:
"I figured it out! If I say 'strawberries' right when I feel a sneeze coming on, I can stop myself from sneezing. Aa-aa-strawberries. Aachoo!"

Think you can do better? Brav it up in the comments.


  1. I am good at speling. Brav

  2. No one else is playing the game. Brav!

  3. Congratulation on winning last week's game, Max. Brav.

  4. Hey, guys, i thought the winner of gametime always got a shoutout. Brav.