Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Prince Prosopagnosia

You know the story of Cinderella? To recap: Cinderella goes to the ball. Prince Charming dances with her, then she runs away and loses her shoe. The Prince then decides to scour the land to find the woman who fits this shoe.

OK, so the Prince doesn't scour the land personally, he has someone scour the land for him. Wouldn't it have been easier for the Prince to just go himself? Then he could be like, "Um, nope. That's not her."

I think the only reason he wouldn't go is if he had forgotten what Cinderella looked like. That could lead to an awkward encounter.

Prince: Um, who are you?
Cinderella: Dude, I'm the girl you danced with last night.
Prince: Oh...Did the shoe fit?
Cinderella: Yeah.
Prince: My love!!

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