Friday, March 13, 2009

The Worst Interview

Friday = Game Time. Today = Friday. Game Time = Today. Today = Game Time.

(How do did you like our uses of the transitive and commutative properties?)

Let's start up with going over the answers from last week and naming a winner. Last Friday ( = Last Game Time), we played a round of the PSB Original Game Bests and Worsts where we asked for the worst nickname for an airplane pilot. Here's how it went down (the answers, not the plane):

Meg said Vertigo, which was a cool nickname, and definitely a bad nickname for a pilot. You don't want your fearless leader to feel like he's spinning out of control before he starts spinning out of control.

Max said Snakes, which was also a cool nickname, and of course, nobody likes Snakes on a Plane, especially not this guy.

Meg L. said Cotton Eye Joe, which was a pretty good one. I wouldn't want Cotton Eye Joe flying my plane.

Where did he come from? Where did he go? I forgot to check the flight schedule!!

Anyway, Meg loses for two reasons. One, she's the second Meg and you all know the saying, two Megs are better than one. No, that's not it. No Megs is good Megs. Nope. Okay, so maybe there's no good saying about Megs, but she also loses because her nickname was more than one word, and that broke the trend. And you all know that saying: Break the trend, lose the game.

We're getting tired of going over losing answers, so we're jumping straight to the winner. david [sic] wins for his answer "how about joe 'the plumber' because plumbers dont fly planes… usually… or better yet, joe 'the plummeter'" [sicker]

That answer wins because it sounds like something we'd say. But, that doesn't give you all free reign to sound like us. That reign will cost you.

And now on to this week's game!

This week, we both talked about what not to say during a job interview. That gave us a brilliant idea for a new game. And yes, it will be another round of the PSB Original Game Bests and Worsts. (You may be wondering why we always call it the PSB Original Game. Stop wondering. Start awe-ing.)

Worst question to ask your potential employer during a job interview.

Ooh that's a good one. We're in awe of whoever came up with that question. Here's our answer, which really is a question, much like Jeopardy, except minus pompous Canadian.

"Do you guys have Naked Fridays?"

Now it's your turn. Play.


  1. What is your policy on cannibalism in the work place?

  2. "want to go grab a beer after this interview?"

  3. Hey, aren't those my pants? Oh, no, I guess we're just wearing the same pants... wait a minute though, are you sure those aren't my pants??

  4. Will I have to bring my own tinfoil hat, or are they covered under the company insurance policy?

  5. You don't really expect me to do any work, do you?

  6. Oh, one more thing. I always just listen to my iPod during "meetings", that's not a problem, right?

  7. Is plastic surgery covered in your health plan? No, not for me, for you.