Friday, March 6, 2009

Pilot Problems

It's time once again for Pigs in Spaaaace!! No, no, no. Time for Game Time! Let's talk about last week's game and pick out a winner.

So last week we played Headliners and everybody had to come up with a good headline about the Academy Awards.

First, we want to give a shout out to Luca for his answer, "'Millionaire,' 'Milk' Make Movie Magic." You see, we at the Pake Shlake Band haven't exactly figured out the best way to play this game. Sometimes we think the headlines should be funny, sometimes they should be potential real headlines. And, while Luca's answer doesn't exactly fit either, we thought it brought up a good point to think about, so we mentioned it. Gracias. But it still loses.

We tried to figure out what Elizabeth's headline was supposed to mean. After about two minutes, we gave up and decided it shouldn't win. Maybe it was clever, but if it takes two minutes to figure out if it's clever, then it's not that clever.

Max's headline was enjoyable: "Slumdog Wins 8 Awards, What Is This Bollywood?" but we thought it should have read: "Slumdog Wins 8 Awards, What Is This? Bollywood?" and then that might have won. Or maybe "Slumdog Wins 8 Awards, What Is This? Bollywood!" But probably not.

Jess was on the right track with her play on words, "Kate WONSlet?," but we thought 1. Caps Lock was overkill. 2. It should be spelled WONslet not WONSlet. 3. We only have two reasons.

So, after much analysis, the winner is Tony! His headline was "Joker Gets Last Laugh". He had a subheadline, but it wasn't too funny, so we are going to pretend he didn't write it. This wins for the reason we mentioned earlier. It's not laugh out loud funny, but it is a clever title that you could imagine being in a newspaper of good repute, like the New York Post. (We said good repute.) Sorry, we meant a newspaper of repute. Anyway, congratulations, Tony! (What's with the NY Post bashing?) Sorry, we meant a newspaper that might be good, but nobody reads it. (Hmm)

Now, onto this week! We wanted to bring back another PSB Original Game - this time Bests and Worsts. You know how to play; just come up with the best or worst whatever as described in the bolded section below. Here it is:

Worst nickname for an airplane pilot.

Hmm, worst nickname for an airplane pilot, huh? That's a tough one. Hmm... Oooh. The PSB is going to go with "Parachute Pat." We wouldn't want our pilot jumping ship on us.

Whatchoo got? Commenticate.


  1. Billy "Crash and Burn" Williams

  2. how about joe "the plumber" because plumbers dont fly planes... usually... or better yet, joe "the plummeter"

  3. Jimmy "Fireball" James

  4. Jess "Extreme Reaction" Karpuk

    (I wouldn't normally be so cocky -- cockpit-y? HA -- to vote for myself but I can't think of anyone worse to fly a plane so it's not actually a good thing. If you're one of the people who know me, you probably agree.)

    (PS I realize that my pun, or at this point, my use of two sets of parentheses, might make you choose against my winning answer but I should get bonus points for early Monday morning cleverness.)

  5. I know "Jessie K" is new here...but you don't get to talk about how great you are unless you are IN the Pake Shlake Band.