Friday, March 27, 2009


Hello, again. It's Friday, and it's time for another Game Time!

Last week, we asked to think of a headline for an article about President Obama's recent media tour. Apparently, that was a difficult task, because not too many people played. But, we will still pick a winner.

Meg's headline was funny, but Tony's was funnier. So he wins. Congrats! Let's keep this short and sweet. Onward!

A few weeks ago, we played a Bests and Worsts where we asked you to think of the worst nickname for a pilot. Remember? No? Oh. Well, we did. Anyway, we at the Pake Shlake Band are always trying to think of new and fun games, and we are pretty successful at doing at least half of that. So, we are trying out a new PSB Original game called Nicknames. The rules may change, the name may change, but the general premise is this: We give you a person, you think of a nickname for that person. Simple enough, right? For example, if we gave Jon Bon Jovi, you could give the nickname Mr. Jovi-ality. Get it? Joviality? Jovi-ality? Anyway, let's play.

Give a nickname for Jon Bon Jovi.

Ours is Mr. Jovi-ality. Get it? Joviality? Jovi-ality? Anyway, now its your turn. Post your nickname in the comments.