Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ever heard of him?

So I sat down to write this post, and almost instantaneously, the thought "Fibonacci - ever heard of him?" popped into my mind. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I do have a mind. And it's full of nonsense.

Anyway, so I decided, "I'll write a post about Fibonacci, and then I'll end it by saying, 'Fibonacci - ever heard of him?'"

So then I was thinking about ol' Fibby, and I couldn't think of much to say. So I looked him up on the source of all my knowledge.

Turns out, his name wasn't Fibonacci.

And he didn't come up with the Fibonacci Sequence.

Fibonacci - ever heard of him?


  1. I take exception to your "source of all my knowledge". To wit:

    The Wiki dude says he lived in Bugia - Italian for lie!!!

    The Wiki dude also mentions "Liber Abaci"? Sound a little too much like Liberace to be a coincidence!

  2. Of course that's not his real starts with "FIB" for goodness sake!