Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another chat, Another dream

I've chatted before, and I've chatted before. And now, I chat again.

Shlakes: hey man
Mister Terrace: hey dude
what's up/

Shlakes: not much.
haven't talked to you in a while

Mister Terrace: yeah i know
Shlakes: could you do me a little favor?
Mister Terrace: absolutely
what is it?

Shlakes: name your first child Harris
Mister Terrace: hmm
Shlakes: that way his name would be Harris Terrace!
Mister Terrace: yeah
and if it's a girl, you'd want me to go with Paris, right?

Shlakes: why would you do a silly thing like that?
dude, you should probably talk to the missus first

And that's all she wrote. Except we're both dudes.

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