Friday, May 29, 2009

The Whopping Three

Last week we played a new game, a PSB Original Game called Little-Known Facts. We asked you to come up with an interesting tidbit about the first pick of the NBA Draft and interesting tidbits were aplenty.

First Josh posted a little-known fact about the Washington Wizards' 2001 pick. Sounds like someone's still bitter about Kwame "the Salami" Brown.

Then we heard from Meg who deserves credit for linking the first game of Little-Known Facts to its precursor, the random question about Darwin and Lincoln. For that, she gets....nothing.

Then we had some plays on the word draft - "Is there a draft in here?", "NBA Draft Dodging", "etc". But none of those win. No, the winner goes to Lorenzo, who claims that the New York Knicks wanted King James so badly in the draft that they were willing to change the Bronx to LeBronx for the 1st pick.

Congratulations LeLorenzo. Now on to this week's game!

Or is it? We at the Pake Shlake Band have decided to change it up this week, and instead of giving you one game today, we're giving you a whopping three. That's right a WHOPPING three. So stay tuned, and the next three posts will be Game Time, Game Time, Game Time. And they shall be whopping.

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