Friday, May 1, 2009

Specter, Swine Flu, and 100 Days

Last week, we played the PSB Original game, Headliners, and we wanted you to think of a clever headline to an article about a mysterious space blob. Let's review some of the answers.

Nick responded with "Mario Brothers’ “Boo” Makes Galactic Cameo." A nice reference to be sure. And although we don't believe the space blob is moving, it might just be because we are always looking at it.

Big A said "Mysterious giant object Himiko Enters Witness Protection Program." We thought that was funny. But then we thought, that's not a good headline, because what if it were true? Then our newspaper just blew the whole operation by telling the bad guys about Himiko. So, that doesn't win, because we don't want to step on the government's toes. Figuratively or literally.

The winner this week is: Tony! His headline was "New Study Reveals Why Scientists Don’t Have Girlfriends." Making fun of scientists. Gets 'em every time.

This was a big week in Washington as Obama passed the milestone 100 days in office. Lots of news happened, so we thought we would play another round of the PSB Original game, Headliners. Here's your snippet:

President Obama celebrated his 100th day in office Wednesday. He held a prime-time press conference in the evening and addressed a variety of issues. The swine flu pandemic is still causing problems in Mexico and now the first death of an American due to the virus has been reported. Republican Senator Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania is now Democratic Senator Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania, citing as a reason for changing parties his re-election chances. The president also spoke about his decisions on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and his position on torture.

Here's our answer:

Obama Reaches 100th Day, Return Policy Now Void.

You get the idea? Go ahead and play, you might be the winner.


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