Friday, September 11, 2009

Soapy Slogans

Once upon a Game Time...

Last Week's Winner

We played the PSB Original Game Bests and Worsts last week, where you had to think of the worst excuse for not doing your homework. We had a lot of bad excuses, but only one can win, so let's take a look.

Mama Meg said she didn't do her homework because she was working on the extra credit instead. Well, that's pretty bad, but she is still doing schoolwork, so it could be worse.

Luca said he can't start his homework until he finishes his summer reading. That's a bad excuse, but he loses for the same reason as Meg. Schoolwork of any kind is frowned upon here at the Pake Shlake Band.

Lorenzo couldn't complete his homework since he was honoring Michael Jackson's passing. That is a bad excuse, but only because Michael Jackson died like a month ago. In general, a moment of silence to commemorate heroes is commendable. So, Lorenzo's answer doesn't win.

Now, without further ado, the winner is KJ! Yes, a newcomer to wins for the answer, "No time for homework. Spent all week trying to come up with clever slogan for imaginary board game about horses." Spending too much time on instead of doing homework? That is, indeed, a horrible excuse. Congratulations, KJ!

This Week's Game

Earlier in the week, Mike said that clothes should be made out of soap. Well, that sounds like a pretty dumb idea, but that's never stopped Americans from buying into it anyway. All it needs is a clever ad campaign. So, we think it's time for another edition of the PSB Original Game, Ad Geniuses.

Come up with an ad slogan for shirts made entirely out of soap.

Here's our pitch:

Soap Shirts - With shirts like these, who needs deodorant?

OK, now it's your turn. Post your ideas in the comments, and maybe you will be the brains behind the new biggest thing in fashion. But, don't count on it.


  1. Our shirts will do to laundry what the meteor did to the dinosaurs.

  2. The best thing to happen to Soap since that weird show with Billy Crystal

  3. You can stop asking your wife, "Is this shirt clean enough for your parents house?"

  4. Soap Shirts - Giving Dryclean a Whole New Meaning

  5. Soap Shirts: No Need to Shower on a Rainy Day

  6. Soap shirts: Wrinkle-Free!