Friday, September 25, 2009

Little Known Knations

What time be it? Game Time! Arrr!

Last Week's Winner

It be our last meetin' when we played the PSB Arrr-iginal Game, Bests and Worsts. We asked ye landlubbers ter come up with a fittin' replacement for a hand, if ye be havin' the misfortune of losin' it. We be takin' a look at yer lily-livered responses.

Firstly, we be wantin' ter extend a shout-out ter all ye cockroachers who ended yer post with "Arrr" or some variant. It be pleasin' ter the captains. Especially when in the rest of yer comments, there was nary a sign of pirate speak. We say ter ye, "Avast!"

Next, we be turnin' ter Big A. His answer be scissors, and 'tis a fine choice. But, it still be a tad too sharp fer the likes of us, especially if we be havin' an itch on the nose.

Tony be sayin' a Wii remote would suffice. Aye, 'tis true, but batteries be scarce on the high seas. Even scarcer than Wii's. So, nay, Tony shan't be the winner.

But, we be decidin' that the winner be...Pep! Arr, his choice of a fryin' pan be just the thing ter fry a fish caught out on the briny, or ter smack the face of an intruder. And who among ye could turn down pancakes? Aye, Pep be the winner! Huzzah!

This Week's Game

Unfortunately, this Saturday is not International Talk Like a Pirate Day. It's not even International talk Like a Hispanic Day. However, the United Nations is holding a summit, and that at least has some international flair to it.

But in general, UN Summits are not the most interesting. For example, the UN Security Council just had a resolution to say nuclear weapons are bad. Snoozer! So, to liven things up, we're going to play another round of the PSB Original Game, Little-Known Facts, the game where you make up something and pass it on as fact.

Give us a little-known fact about the United Nations.

Here's ours:
The United Nations was incorrectly spelled the Untied Nations in the founding documents. The typo was not found until 1956 and it took two resolutions before the name was officially corrected.

Now it's your turn. Remember, we have a loose interpretation of "fact" and of "quotation marks".


  1. Hollywood really was behind to the formation of the United Nations as a marketing scheme. They did this so they could promote their stars in 3rd world countries...the only way to get the celebrities over there was to trick them into thinking they were "UN Ambassadors" How else would they get Angelina over there to promote Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

  2. All United Nations press releases contain the following:
    "When speaking of the organization, please refer to it as “United Nations” , but not “the United Nations ” or “the United.” We appreciate your cooperation."

  3. Forget "Boutros Boutros," the UN Secretary with the best name has got to be U Thant. Actually "U" is an honorific in Burmese, roughly meaning "mister" - his actually name is only "Thant.

  4. The United Nations disapproved of the movie "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" because they argued they "would so have given Dr. Evil the money."

  5. There are only 2 places in the United States of America where another flag can be flown above the U.S. Flag. One is U.N. Headquarters, the other is McDonald's.

  6. The U.N. was orginally going to be named 'The Bretton Woods Bunch' until Tommy LaSorda suggested that it might be confused with his popular Saturday Morning children's show 'The Baseball Bunch'.

  7. The youngest member on the post WWII council that founded the United Nations was 17-year old Tommy LaSorda. He left politics when he was signed by the Philadelphia Phillies in late 1945.