Friday, September 18, 2009

Bests and Worrrrrrsts

Yo ho, yo ho, a Game Time's life for me!

Last Week's Winner

Soapy shirts were the subject of last week's Game Time, where we asked you to come up with a clever slogan in the PSB Original Game Ad Geniuses. Let's have a look at your marketing ideas.

Lorenzo's slogan was: "The best thing to happen to Soap since that weird show with Billy Crystal." that's pretty funny, but in general you don't want "weird" in your ad campaign, so he doesn't win.

Sam returned this week for a pair of under the wire responses. The pitch "Soap shirts: Wrinkle-Free!" was clever, but we feel it doesn't really sell the soapy aspect of it, which is a fair point.

So, the winner is Max, with his slogan: "Soap Shirts – Giving Dryclean a Whole New Meaning." Ah, that's the ticket. Well done, Max!

This Week's Game

Arr, now we be turnin' ter this week's game. As Johnny a'ready been alertin' ye, tomorrow be International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Aye, 'tis true. If ye be rememberin', 'twas a year ago we played a rousin' round of Game Time honorin' the saltiest seadogs that ever sailed the Seven Seas. Aye, and today we be playin' a pirate-themed PSB Original Game, Bests and Worsts. Here be yer topic:

Best thing to have in place of your hand.

Aye, most pirates be choosin' a hook, but 'taint no good use for a hook. Ye can't answer yer iPhone and ye can't flip pancakes! Nay, a hook be no good.

We say ye ought better ter have a spatula. Aye, ye can't answer a phone, but you can flip pancakes, a swashbuckin' treat on the high seas.

Now it be yer turn. Post yer scurvy comments, you landlubbin' bilge rats!


  1. Aye matey, if yer hand be missin, the next best thing be scissors. Just ask ol Captain Jack Sparrow, it was he be Edward Scissorhands. Just the thing for snipping Davey Jones' beardy tentacles.

  2. Yo ho ho...a bottle of rum.

  3. A frying pan - good for the aforementioned pancakes, and of course the ol' frying pan to the head arrgh

  4. A treasure chest Love, Alex

  5. yar, a pez dispenser. yar.

  6. a can opener. so at least you have be handy in the kitchen arrrrr

  7. Bluetooth Mouse! arrrr!

  8. A bottle o' El Dorado rum!