Friday, February 1, 2008

Kings of Comedy

For the last Game Time, we wondered what you would fill your piñata with. Or rather, with what would you fill your piñata. (As our English teacher used to say, "Don't end no sentences with no prepositions!") The winner is Luca, for his anatomically correct response. Winner receives treats from his piñata. Yum!

Earlier in the week, Johnny talked about being the King of Nopar. That got us thinking about all the duties a king has to perform. Of all the duties, this was the most important:

If you were king, who would you appoint court jester?

We would hire Gallagher. What ruler wouldn't enjoy watching a good watermelon smashing? Who would you hire? As always, winner gets a shout out. Or rather, winner gets an out with which to shout.


  1. Gallagher would be cool. But what about Gilligan? Or the Skipper?

  2. I think Snoop. He's a great entertainer, and I'd love to be called, "Your Majestizzle."

  3. hulk hogan. he could wrestle my enemies of the court, and host the gladiator battles i would have. also, i would be more of an emperor than a king.