Friday, February 15, 2008

Campaign T-Shirts

Last Game Time's question asked you to combine two holidays into one. We had lots of good answers, but we thought the best was Mike's. So, Mike wins. What a fun game!

On Tuesday, Johnny thought of a good idea for a campaign t-shirt for Barack Obama. And Hillary Clinton. But hers wasn't so good. So, we put the task to you:

Come up with a campaign t-shirt for any of the Presidential hopefuls for 2008 Campaign.

We'd make ours for the Republican ex-candidate Mitt Romney:

Mitt: 2 Legit 2 Quit.
Except he did.

Ah, now that's a winner. What yours?


  1. I'n not OUT...
    I'm Just Biden My Time!

  2. For John Edwards' campaign t-shirt:

    Got running mate?

  3. Sam Brownback:

    Brownback in the Saddle Again

  4. McCain's t-shirt: