Monday, February 18, 2008

Chapter 6: Burrowing

"What super power would I have?" Mike thought to himself, as if he were hearing the question for the first time. "Hmm...." It appeared as though Mike had inadvertently stumped himself with his own question.

"Come on, think of something." Johnny encouraged. "Like flying. Except not flying, that's mine."

"That's ok," Mike began, "I don't want to fly. I think I would want to burrow. That way, I would not run the risk of flying into buildings and airplanes and stuff."

"But flying helps you survey the land for possible misdoings. How would you find out about the misdoings from under ground?" Johnny asked.

"Dude, I burrow. Obviously, my legion of faithful groundhogs would report to me."

"Oh, of course. But wouldn't you get dirty with all your burrowing? And you can't just send your super suit to the dry cleaners. Then they'd know your secret identity!

"Oh, wow, you're right. I hadn't thought of that."

"Yeah, it's too bad, cause everything else seemed reasonable."

"Maybe I could also have the super power to wash dirt off super suits," Mike suggested

"Mike, we are trying to be realistic with our super powers, please!"

The two sat pondering: Johnny thought more on his super power, while Mike wondered if his faithful legion of groundhogs had the ability to clean super suits.

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  1. I'd take night vision...or the abillity to have laundry automatically fold itself. Maybe I can convince seas creatures to help through telepathy.