Friday, February 22, 2008


Last week, we were looking for some good campaign slogans for the presidential hopefuls. Sid wins this round. To Sid: Congrats! To everyone else: remove the "Cong".

Earlier this week, Johnny talked about an interesting experience he had at the airport. We thought we would ask for some of your travel stories. But, we are gonna spice things up a bit:

Write a haiku about an airport experience.

Ooh, a haiku, you say? What is that? Five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables? Well, right you are! And here is ours:

They offered us juice
We had no time to drink it
It was a short flight.

Hit us with your poetry, and you just might be this week's winner! Well, I guess not this week's winner, since Sid is already this week's winner. But you can be next week's winner! Even better.


  1. I said, "Don't do it!"
    She ate it and then got sick.
    Airport sushi's gross.

  2. Not many choices
    But this is inedible
    Mama Ilardo's

  3. Touched down in D.C.
    Sad to be home from Disney
    Wore my Minnie ears

  4. Nothing to Declare?
    Yeah. Ten rum and cokes made this
    flight so fantastic!

  5. Terrified to fly
    The plane cannot stop shaking
    give me the free booze!

  6. English is not my
    first language. How can I count
    the syllables?

  7. I believe I can
    fly. I believe I can touch
    the sky - R. Kelly