Monday, July 13, 2009

Wedding Bell Blues

Did we forget to post a Game Time on Friday? Oops!

Allow us to explain. For those of you who don't know, we at the Pake Shlake Band enjoy holidays, and we certainly enjoy not working on holidays. And 10 days ago there was a holiday, and we accidentally posted on it. Can you believe it? The Pake Shlake Band working when they don't have to? Outrageous, we know. So, to avenge the mistake, we decided to take the following Friday off instead, which was this past Friday. Vengeance! And so, we are posting our Game Time today. Don't like it? Tough luck!

Last Friday (or technically, two Fridays ago), we asked you to make up a little-known fact about the American Revolution. Booya made an allusion to the Boston Tea Party, Luca to Twinkies, and Tony to The Swamp Fox. But, the winner is Lorenzo, for calling the Revolutionary War by its original name, "The war when we hid in the forest and shot at them when they weren’t expecting it." Well done, Lorenzo.

Now, for this week's game. We have chosen to play the PSB Original Game, Bests and Worsts. Why? Well, here's why: The Pake Shlake Band was recently invited to perform at a wedding. (No, you weren't.) No, we weren't. But we could have been. And if we had been asked to perform, we probably would have had to play the first dance for the bride and groom. And that made us think of this question.

Worst first dance at a wedding.

We gave it a lot of thought, well, a little bit of thought, and came up with Sir Mixalot's Baby Got Back. Think you know of a worse song? Post it in the comments.


  1. Sugar Shack...worst song ever, no category needed.

  2. Rolling Stones' "Under My Thumb". Not a good message to send the new wife.

  3. "Me and Mrs. Jones", that's a song about an extra-marital affair.

  4. Jimmy Soul "If You Wanna be Happy" would be prob be a bad one. Or ELO "Evil Woman".

  5. Now I ain't sayin' you a gold digger, you got needs.