Friday, July 3, 2009

American History

It's Friday in Shlakeland, and that can only mean one thing: Game Time!

Last week, we played the PSB Original Game Little-Known Facts, where you the reader get to make up things as pass it off as truth - just like Wikipedia! The topic of choice was Michael Jackson. Hey, did you know Michael Jackson didn't get the nickname "The King of Pop" until after he started doing Pepsi commercials? Yeah, neither did we. Anyway, here were some of the good answers we got.

Joey Bag of Donuts gave us this fact: "The Jackson Five are offering a 20 percent discount on their reunion!" Too soon? Probably.

Then, Tony and Lorenzo seemed to have an in tandem response, where they claimed that two MJ hits, "Ben" and "Rock With You" were both inspired by the singer's sister Janet's pet rock, which coincidentally was named Ben.

But the winner this week is DJ for his answer, "Michael Jackson’s hit song 'Bad' was originally titled 'Good.'" We didn't know that! I guess that's why they call the game Little-Known Facts. Onward to this week's game!

For those of you who don't know, this weekend Americans celebrate our Independence Day, honoring the day when we declared our unalienable rights of life, liberty, and grilled hot dogs. To celebrate, we are playing another round of the PSB Original Game, Little-Known Facts, where you the reader get to make up things as pass it off as truth - just like Wikipedia! Ever heard of it? See what you can come up with for this topic.

Come up with a little-known fact about the American Revolution.

It's like history class, but you get to make it up! Here is our fact:

Benedict Arnold's birth name was Arnold Benedict, but halfway through elementary school he changed it.

See? It's easy as pie. Apple pie. American as apple pie. So, play! It's your patriotic duty! And who knows, maybe in 100 years children in school will be learning the "facts" that you make up today.


  1. Francis Marion, upon whom the movie 'The Patriot' was based, became known as 'The Swamp Fox', although he originally wanted to be called
    "Rio Man" which is an anagram of Marion. "Rio Man" did not catch on.

  2. On July 4, 1978 Hostess Cakes introduced the French Apple Pie, to commemorate the French assistance in the colonies gaining independence from England. According to Hostess Spokesman Twinkie the Kid, "It's a tribute to America, and France."

  3. The Revolutionary War was originally named "The war when we hid in the forest and shot at them when they weren't expecting it", but once that became commonplace, they changed it.

  4. The Boston Tea Party went awry when the Indians from the Cowboys and Indians theme party accidentally went to the wrong ship. They caused a rukus and the rest is history.