Friday, July 31, 2009


G to the izzame T to the izzime.

When we last left our Game Time, we were playing the PSB Original Game, Headliners. In particular, we asked you to give us a headline about the historic moon landing. Let's review, shall we?

Big A said "Man Walks on Moon: Young Michael Jackson Gets an Idea." We give props for trying to tie in previous games, but we do not give him the win.

Luca headline "Um...Now What?" brought up an interesting point: Why did we go to the moon in the first place? Just because it's cool? Well, i guess it was worth the billions of dollars.

But the winner: Tony for his response of "TAKE THAT COMMYS!" Yes, what better to celebrate an American achievement than sticking it to the Soviets. Indeed, "TAKE THAT COMMYS!" should be a headline for almost anything. Send a message to the godless Communists. Good work, Tony!

A few months ago, about ten months ago in fact, we played a game where we gave you a punchline, and you had to think of the set-up line. We thought this week we would play that game again. Here's the punchline, for which you have to think of the question that leads up to it:

Because Dracula can't flip pancakes!

So, all you have to do is give us a question to which that is the answer. Understand? Here's how ours goes:

Why is a spatula better than Dracula?
Because Dracula can't flip pancakes!

Now, it's your turn. Good luck!


  1. Why does Frankenstein always have to make breakfast?

    Because Dracula can’t flip pancakes!

  2. Why did Aunt Jemima marry Uncle Ben?

    Because Dracula can’t flip pancakes!

  3. Pancakes: "Hey, Sausage!"
    Sausage: "Yes, Pancakes?"
    Pancakes: "I've got an important question for you, Sausage."
    Sausage: "Oh, what's that, Pancakes?"
    Pancakes: "Why is there no Transylvanian Gymnastics Team, Sausage?"
    Sausage: "I know why!"
    Pancakes: "You do? Why?"
    Sausage: "Because Dracula can't flip, Pancackes!"

  4. When Dracula applied for a job at McDonald's, why did he have to work the night shift?

    Because Dracula can't flip hotcakes...and 'cause he's a vampire.