Friday, July 17, 2009

Name That Show

Did we forget to post a Game Time on Friday? Nope!

Hello again, and welcome to another Friday edition of Game Time. In our last edition, we played the PSB Original Game, Bests and Worsts, and we asked for the worst first dance for a newly married couple. Let's look over the answers.

DJ gave two answers, "If You Wanna Be Happy," the song that advises you to marry an ugly woman, and "Evil Woman" which is self-explanatory. Both good answers, but unfortunately he is disqualified for posting two answers in the same comment. Sorry, DJ, if you wanna play more than once do it the old-fashioned way, make up fake names. For example, if you had posted as Jimmy Soul, you might have had a better chance of winning. Or rather, Jimmy Soul would have had a better chance of winning. Next!

Max suggested "Gold Digger" by Kanye West. He is also disqualified, since he didn't actually give the title of the song he just implied it. Yer out!

Tony submitted "Sugar Shack", using the following argument. We are looking for the worst song for a specific occasion. "Sugar Shack" is the worst song ever. Therefore, it must be the worst song to play at a wedding. Interesting syllogism, but Tony does not win. So who does?

Luca! His answer was "Lola" by the Kinks, and since Luca and Lola have the same number of letters, we thought it was destiny. Well done!

Now, what should we play this week? Ooh, how about another round of Bests and Worsts? Great! Earlier in the week, Mike talked about his new Animal Planet show, "Focus on the Locusts" about cicadas. That spurred us to this game:

Best new show for Animal Planet.

After some thought, we decided we would have a show called "King of the Forest." We don't know what it would be about really, since lions - while called kings of the forest - actually live on the African savanna and not in the forest. Maybe the show would be about deer.

Anyway, your turn. Try to come up with a better show. This time it shouldn't be too hard. And don't forget to post it in the comments, unless you are afraid of Animal Planet ripping you off and not giving you any of the proceeds.


  1. "When Pigs Fly" - Talented animal trainers teach live pigs to work together and operate an airplane.


    Different species of bears are given the opportunity to have human jobs to see how their work compares to that of people. The jobs in question would not be non-skilled ones; toll booth operators, trash collectors, and local TV news personalities.

  3. 'Cannibal Animals' where animals are unknowingly fed well prepared meals made from other members of their own species.

  4. isnt it king of the jungle...not forest?

  5. Kudos to Elizabeth for correcting the supercillious (super silly us) editors at It is indeed the "King of the Jungle" except in the Wizard of Oz song.

    Along the same lines, I suggest the Kudu starring in the new hit Animal Planet program called "Kudos to Kudus"

  6. Reigning Cats and Dogs, a historical look at the top animal rulers of all time.